Leveraging global expertise to maximise opportunities in physical, mechanical and process design

At Caprica, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We take a blank-page approach to solving each opportunity or challenge, bringing together the right experts and partners, where necessary, to create a bespoke solution. Our engineers and designers have carefully selected the best infrastructure, hardware, software, nutrients and consumables to deliver exceptional solutions. 

Our primary aim is to create the perfect cultivation (GACP) and production (GMP) cleanroom environments for producing world class cannabis based medicinal products. It is pest, contaminant, and pathogen free and allows absolute control of all environmental factors throughout the entire production process. Our approach is underpinned by quantitative research, testing and ongoing monitoring.

Sustainability is a core principle in our drive for innovation. We utilise clean nuclear power and minimise water use through collection, recovery and reuse. Our vertical farming solution maximises land use. All of our operating equipment is specified, installed and maintained to minimise energy consumption and other environmental impacts.