Expertly sourced genetics, optimal environments and quality controlled processes for a product you can trust

Creating a pharmaceutical product takes a great deal of accuracy and diligence. It is critical that a patient receives exactly what they, and their physician, are expecting. This is governed in the UK through the MHRA GMP certification process which demands a comprehensive Quality Management System and Quality Control process as well as constant monitoring, auditing and reporting to support it.

Producing Cannabis, in its purest form as dry cured flower, necessitates a very high level of integrated control, care and attention during the cultivation process. It is the only way to both maximise potential and provide total consistency across batches. Starting with genetics, our team, through our network of experts, have worked with the most venerable and experienced breeders in the world to offer high potency, terpene rich cultivars, that provide the ultimate in consistency with the same benefit from every dose.

Throughout the medicinal cannabis production cycle, epigenetics – environment and sustenance – play a crucial role in the eventual make-up, or chemotype of the cannabis product. Our processes are performed inside cleanrooms using tried and tested Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs), and automated where possible, within ultra-controlled, streamlined and scalable environments for total control of environmental influence. These are monitored, logged and constantly tested, to guarantee Caprica quality.

The end result is a product you can trust.